submission details for ACTIVE FOREIGN LABELS

Make a post introduce your self , share links and we will add your info contact website etc. to the list
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submission details for ACTIVE FOREIGN LABELS

Post by oskr » September 8th, 2019, 3:23 pm

OK... so if you're an Australian breakcore artist there's a good chance you want to submit your music to foreign labels. I put together a list so you can do it just that much easier.

I listed all the submission info I could find. If a label doesn’t have a specific contact address then I suggest sending download links via their bandcamp contact form. All of these labels have facebook pages so I didn’t bother writing them down, you can figure that out yourselves.

These are labels that are currently releasing music (as of September 2019). I'm sure this is incomplete so please add more information below.

Ok here it is (in no particular order)….

Annoying Beats Crew
If you have music you want to share on our label please contact us, send us some music or send us some linkz to your workz. The address is above!! We want to hear from you! All our music is released under the Creative Commons License  and available in a variety of formats. Our e-mail is :

still active it seems~!
doesn’t have a dedicated bandcamp
releases listed at
you can contact at

Love Love Records
colchester/essex UK

Suck Puck Recordz
Ukraine and Eastern Europe
currently very active
you can send download links to

Concrete Collage
Lyon France
acid and breaks operated by Stazma et al

Planet Mu
Kent UK
send demos to:
Please send links to streaming tracks (e.g. soundcloud/bandcamp). We no longer accept download links unless specifically requested by us. Please don’t contact us if you want feedback or to know if we’ve listened to your demo, we are very busy. But please don’t worry, if we like your demo enough, we will contact you. Thanks.

London UK
We are not currently seeking unsolicited demos.
Due to the volume of digital submissions, it is impossible to listen and respond to each one. If you desperately must send a demo to a Warp email address please do not send at random to all addresses you can find – that will not increase the likelihood of us listening to it.
Our general enquiry address is
please do not attach anything.
Please respect that we cannot offer feedback.

Cock Rock Disco
(at time of writing website appears to be down)
you may be able to contact via a form at:
or try

Rotterdam Holland
Any demo submissions have to be send to Submissions sent through any other contact option else will not be checked or listened!!!
We require all demo submissions to have a downloadable file included so we can listen to your work how it was intended without losses in quality from web player encoders (like Soundcloud).

you can send demo links via a form on their website at:

couldn’t find any info on their website
but you can contact via bandcamp form
or you could try

Jungle Syndicate
London UK
please feel free to send any of us a message about anything

Bristol UK

Hormonal Vibrationz
Spain (or possibly France)
mostly free releases

jungle label from norwich uk
on facebook as “amen-talist movement”

Day of the Droids
mostly free releases

Abusive Wreckords
UK based label which focuses on all things TEK and CORE!
or via bandcamp form
mostly free releases

Dred Collective
UK label doing footwork/jungle

Sun Hole Records
London UK
We promote and release breakcore, noise, witch house, witchcore and experimental
Submissions to:
mostly free releases

Industrial Strength
not active lately but this is from their website:
Please send us a private soundcloud link or other listenable file to :
Include the following information:
• Name Artist
• Track Name(s)
• Contact Information / Numbers / Email / Artist Facebook Page
• Publishing Information (if applicable)
As we hope you understand due to the amount of demo material it's not possible to respond with comments or suggestions to all demos we receive. If your demo fits within our musical direction we will contact you.

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