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Thematics Radio - Rage Records Special

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PLAYLIST - 8th September 2018
Special Guest: Hedonist

RAGE RESET - Unknown Structure
RAGE RESET - No Compromise To (Remix)
STATIC TREMOR - Resistance
RAGE RESET - Feel This
RAGE RESET - Subconscious
STATIC TREMOR - Critical Frequency
STATIC TREMOR - Conviction
DJ TRON - Kill Them All
NOIZE GENERATOR - Fuckin Hardkor
DJ TRON - Kill You
NOIZE GENERATOR - Harder Than This
SENICAL - Wanna Beat My Lover
NOIZE CREATOR - Caged Fury (Remix)
SENICAL - Machine Error Ramazotti
X - What Do You Like?
X - Love & Hate
HEDONIST - For the Kill

Quick chat with Otto from Rage Reset - 9/9/18.

1. For those people not familiar with Rage Reset, when were you active?
We were active from around '94 to '98.

2. What equipment did you use?
Protracker on the Amiga and some kind of effects machine to fill the sound a little.

3. How did you get in touch with the other artists who appeared on Rage Records/UHF?
It was a very small scene so we kinda knew a few people through our distributor Soundbase. We contacted them or them us or maybe through our fanzine Crossbones.

4. There was talk you playing over in Europe recently. Is this something that might happen in the future?
Yeah I think it'll still happen actually. We might play a gig in Melbourne in December and then do a little tour in Europe sometime next year.

5. What are some memorable parties you've played and why?
We played Odyssey in Switzerland in '97 - that was the biggest we played at with 14000 people. I like big parties, although not necessarily conducive to the sound we were playing (since it was a small scene). Our gigs for Bloody Fist in Newcastle - raw, rough and small - same as small gigs in Germany with Lenny Dee, at Fishkopf in Hamburg or at the Bunker in Berlin.

6. What music do you listen to currently? Is there any current electronic music which you rate?
Hmm, I kinda listen to a bit of everything these days, but not really. I'm not a 'fan' of anything, like back then. I still like fat heavy beats, but it can be anywhere. In regard to electronic, I don't know any DJs or artists or labels or music 'style names' or anything, but if I like it I like it - could be just hard techno, even psytrance or house or whatever, although I don't necessarily go look for it. Could be some hip hop or commercial music even. I still like hardcore too and I listen to the old stuff sometimes, but I've probably calmed down a bit in regard to the speed.

7. Otto, you've done some hip hop/battle DJing in the past, is this something you're still involved in? What hip hop DJs influenced or inspired you?
No I'm not involved anymore. I kinda always still want to have a go just for myself but haven't done it for ages. Although I'd seen some DMC stuff previously, what inspired me was seeing Mark N play an old school hip hop set - never seen anything like it, was awesome.

8. Is there any unreleased Rage Reset material which might be released at some point?
Yes there's some unreleased stuff for sure. If it will or even can be released is a different story. Some labels have asked us for some tracks actually, but it was all done on equipment that doesn't really exist anymore so I'm not sure if we can access it or if Peter is ever going to a get off his arse to look for the stuff in his old boxes somewhere. There's a good chance we'll write some new stuff though, maybe also remix some old...
(Questions by Hedonist)

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OK. I"m sick of my local US radio stations--sick of the election talk. With my summer vacation before me--I need something else to listen to. Preferably some talk radio. Anybody have a favorite radio station with an available live internet stream that they can recommend? And yes, Ive looked at some podcasts BBC like "Open Country".


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