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RockNo #2 @ BadDecisions Melbourne

Posted: January 27th, 2023, 12:58 pm
by aday

so, doing this tomorrow Image

8-8.30 - DJ Alex ChaChi
8.30-9pm - Aday
9-9.30 - Ming One
9.30-10 - DJ Alex ChaChi
10-10.30 - Ollie Lee
10.30 -11.15 - Dylan Beast
11.15 - midnight - Danko Skystone

Here's the link to ClanAnalogue's thing.
I'm not expecting a lot of breakcore but I am expecting it to be awesome, Especially Ming and Ollie Lee
Dylan Beast is a bit of a unit on the guitar too,

As for my self, I'm playing back some old weeklybeats tracks and messing about with some VR
Here's a video from last clan analogue gig,

anyway ... decisions/