A good spot to discuss stabby kicks and multiband distortion.
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Post by oskr » September 4th, 2021, 6:48 pm

This is the absolutely most simple way of putting things and it's useful to have an overview if you are a total beginner.

1 . Check the upload speed on your household internet. Go to ookla in your browser for example. Some broadband plans have a fixed very low upload speed. If the upload speeds are low ie 1mbs you may want to try using your phone as a hotspot. You can possibly also improve the speed by connecting directly to the modem by ethernet cable rather than wifi.

2. Download OBS

3. Enter streamkey to OBS (in preferences>stream)

4. Mix the audio and video in OBS Every artist is going to perform in a different way with different software and hardware. But basically you got to figure out how to get the audio into OBS. You’re going to have webcams/ laptop cameras etc sending video to OBS.

5. Set the bitrate and video dimensions realistic values. You can change the bitrate live without disrupting the stream! You have to set the video dimensions beforehand. 1280 x 720 is good (set base and output to this). Video bitrate of ~2000kbps is a good starting point.

6. Press stream, play music

7. Watch the bottom right corner of OBS. If the square is red or orange then lower the bitrate, also check the CPU% is good. It’s up to you to check this square periodically while you’re playing. If it goes orange or red during the set then it’s likely the sound will drop out.

8. Don't forget to press stop stream when you're finished. Subsequent acts won't be able to stream if you don't.


common errors

sound is phasing or flanging:
You might have doubled up the audio by accident.
go OBS>audio mixer and rightclick “unhide all”
sometimes the audio will be coming frmo the mic/aux
as well as a live input

stream quality starts off good but gets worse and worse
OBS might be set up imperfectly
You might have input sources you can’t see,
delete any you aren’t using (in OBS>sources)
You might have too many things running on the same wifi,
(if possible connect by ethernet and disable wifi)

sound is too quiet in obs
right click on the sound source and go “filters”
then hit the plus button and add a gain filter

can’t hear the sound through obs
by default the sound is sent to the stream and not your montiors
to change this right click on the cog in the audio mixer and go “advanced audio properties”

other things to consider

tell your housemates not to upload download any huge files while you’re playing. kinda obvious right.

when streaming using a phone as a hotspot:
you usually have a good upload speed but unfortunately it seems to be a common flaw that the speed will sporadically plunge every now and then which might make the stream choppy for a minute or two.

keep the sound loud please, send it as loud as you can without clipping in obs

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