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cc2not max patch from BINLINER

Posted: February 2nd, 2019, 7:18 pm
by oskr
Ok freaks here is my first ever max patch!!!!

get it here:
cc2not by
(4.4 KiB) Downloaded 305 times
cc2not by
(4.4 KiB) Downloaded 305 times

(It works in ableton 10, Max 8 ---- it may work in other versions I'm not sure).

What it does:
1. Nothing much so don't get excited.
2. It allows you to quickly map CC codes to midi notes
3. It allows you to automatically send a new note (with a fixed short duration) when you release the first note

I created this mostly as a workaround for FSU plugins that will only receive midi notes.

In case you didn't know FSU is a category of effect plugin, it apparently stands for "Fuck Shit Up". It is mostly buffer/stutter/glitch effects. Many of them require triggers from midi notes and are difficult to trigger with CC. Their design can sometimes be a hurdle if you want to use them in live performance (unless you use a midi keyboard for fx, and who wants to do that?). With this max patch you can quickly cirumvent the limitations of the plugin. Using the patch to automatically send a new note when you release the key allows you to trigger a blank pattern, which is super useful in some cases.

What are these so-called FSU plugins? Well some of the most reputable are: illformed Glitch2, izotope StutterEdit, sugarbytes Artillery+ Effectrix, melda Rhythmizer, and I would imagine others as well.

You should write back here and let me know if it indeed does work on your setup.

Stay tuned for more (probably useless) Max patches.